Mountain Grey Gum Burl Bowl

Mountain Grey Gum Burl Bowl

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From Michael Attwood Woodturning
During the storm of 2021, an ancient mountain grey gum was brought down on a family property in the Victorian high country. The spectacular old gum, with a trunk diameter over 3 meters (10 foot), developed several large burls over many years of growth. Burls are highly sought after due to their unusual and often dramatic grain pattern. With the ancient gum now resting in its bushland bed, I was able to harvest the burl sections and craft pieces that carry the memory of this revered, ancient tree.

This large burl bowl retains a natural edge along with many natural sap inclusions typical in gum tree pieces. The continued drying process post-completion has allowed the piece to develop its own surface texture, as the wood grain relaxes over time.

Note: As the piece has been finished in wax, it is recommended the piece is kept dry. Wax coats can be reapplied in the future to restore the finish.

Wood Species: Mountain Grey Gum

Measures: 34cm Diameter, 17cm Height, 18cm Base Diameter

Finish: Wax (Carnauba and Beeswax)

Time to Complete: 12 Hours