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Unleash Your Creativity with Hands-On Jewellery Workshops!

Beginners Jewellery Workshop: Join us for an exclusive two-day immersion into the world of jewellery making. Craft exquisite pieces—rings, earrings, pendants—in Sterling Silver, tailored to your style. Limited spaces available, no prior experience needed.

Specialty Workshops: Delve deeper into the art of jewellery making with our bespoke sessions. Celebrate Mothers or Fathers Day together or even explore advanced techniques—lost wax, sand casting, stone setting— will be offered separately. Join our waitlist to be the first in the "know" and elevate your skills and create truly unique pieces.

Forge Together: For couples seeking an extraordinary experience, our "Forge Together" workshop offers an intimate journey to create bespoke wedding or handfasting bands for each other, guided by the skilled goldsmith, Helene Campbell.

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