Large Magnolia Vase

Large Magnolia Vase

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From Michael Attwood Woodturning
I met a local arborist who had a large stockpile of tree sections (a biproduct of his trade) piled in a yard. He allowed me to climb the wood piles in search of anything I could use. While on the lookout for anything unusual, I came across a large section of magnolia trunk which was rough, dry, and bursting with potential.

The largest section of the trunk incorporated a multi branch crotch, ideal for a large vase.

My intention was to retain the features developed in the wood grain over many years of growth, including a bark-filled cavity. The result is a grain pattern exploding with an abundance of unusual characteristics including light beams, growth rings and spalting (dark coloration caused by fungi).

The use of a more traditional shellac finish enhances the grain features, partnering with the existing colours to produce a golden polished surface.

Wood Species: Magnolia Grandiflora

Measures: 30cm Diameter, 27cm Height, 17cm Base Diameter

Finish: Shellac, Polished

Time to Complete: 15 Hours