Camphor Laurel Burl Bowl

Camphor Laurel Burl Bowl

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From Michael Attwood Woodturning
An iconic Camphor tree in my local neighbourhood had a large limb removed for safety
reasons. A timely rescue from the wood-chipper has given this section of tree a new purpose, with many sections stored and drying for future projects.

At the base of the limb grew a rare Camphor Laurel burl (easily the most prized section of the tree) which has been used to produce this unique bowl.

The turning process was carried out in two stages. Within days of being removed from the tree, the large burl was turned down to a rough bowl shape and subsequently stored for 12 months to dry. The second stage involved refining and re-establishing the bowl shape to address the warping that had occurred during the drying process.

To achieve the desired finish cracks were filled with resin followed by an eight-stage sanding process. Multiple costs of buffing oil have been applied and polished to a high sheen, offering lasting protection.

Wood Species: Camphor Laurel

Measures: 32cm Diameter, 26cm Height, 11cm Base Diameter

Finish: Oil/Wax Blend (Fine Buffing Oil)

Time to Complete: 11 Hours