Hello there!

Hi there,

I thought I should introduce myself to you, we may not have met personally in store at Tall Trees Studio, in Olinda.

First off my name is Helene (Mum always pronounced it Helen)  and I am a Gold & Silver Smith or a Hand make Jeweler. I personally tend not to use the term Jeweler as it’s usage is now really broad, and what I do is pretty specific, I hand-make jewellery and small objects in Gold & Silver (mostly), with Gemstones and I utilise both traditional and modern hand-make techniques in my practice, I also own and run Tall Trees Studio, where I have my workshop,  which is on view as you enter the store.

The store is normally open 7 days a week from mid October through to end of May and down to 6 days a week over Winter. Opening hours will vary due to Season, so check out Google or our Facebook & Instagram page for Opening Hour Updates. Generally though if you are in Olinda, we are open 11am to 3pm.

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