"The Convent" Silk Twill Scarf 90cm x 90cm
"The Convent" Silk Twill Scarf 90cm x 90cm
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, "The Convent" Silk Twill Scarf 90cm x 90cm
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, "The Convent" Silk Twill Scarf 90cm x 90cm

"The Convent" Silk Twill Scarf 90cm x 90cm

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From Bluyonda

DIMENSIONS: 90cm x 90cm

STORY: "The Convent" was built on a hill in Daylesford, Victoria, and dates back to the 1860’s as a residence for the Gold Commissioner. Around 20 years later it was purchased by the Catholic Church to become “The Holy Cross Convent” for nuns and a boarding school for girls until closing in 1973. After falling into disrepair it was purchased in 1988 by local artist Tina Banitska. Tina’s devoted work has maintained it as an historical icon and centre for the celebration of art and culture. The concept for this scarf was to bring together the unique features, shapes and colours of “The Convent” and seamlessly merge history with art.

“The artwork for our silk scarf collection is re-living our photography in a fresh way. Using a variety of techniques our challenge is to create a captivating image, often from nature’s details, that looks beautiful as a scarf.”

INCLUDED WITH YOUR SCARF: Tag with story about the image/Tag with 'About Silk' and Artist's Bio/ Gift Tag.

THIS PURE SILK TWILL SCARF (Tested by AWTA as 100% silk) combines the utilitarian strength of the Twill weave whilst maintaining a fine slippery, smooth texture. It has a wonderful drape, great lustre and gives a rich sheen to enrich vibrant colours. It is ideally suited to complement styled garments. Weighing approximately 50g per square meter it is rated at 12mm in the silk weight scale. Silk Twill and Silk Chiffon are very different in terms of characteristics weight, touch and feel.

ABOUT SILK: Silk production (Sericulture) was first developed in Ancient China. Being an exquisite, precious fabric, for many millennia, it was one of the most zealously guarded secrets in history. A few Amazing Reasons why Silk is the Queen of natural fabrics: Shimmering natural sheen that never diminishes/ Caresses your body in softness/ Keeps you cool on hot days and preserves body heat in the cold/ Absorbs perspiration while letting skin breathe/ Promotes skin rejuvenation and healing/ The most hypoallergenic fabric/ Environmentally sustainable and biodegradable/ Washes easily with a mild soap such as baby shampoo/ Colourfast fine Italian inks.

CARE: Enjoy your silk garment - our printing techniques produce colours that will not run or fade. With fundamental care, this silk scarf will maintain it’s vibrant colours and quality ‘Silk’ feel for many years. As Silk is a natural fibre avoid drying in direct sunlight. Also, avoid contact with bleaches or solvents with alcohol such as some hairsprays.

Hand Washing - preferred
Use lukewarm water and a mild non-alkaline soap such as baby shampoo. Avoid soaking and rinse with a few tablespoons of distilled white vinegar added to the clear water. Avoid wringing or twisting and roll in a towel then hang to dry. Avoid using dryers.

Most wrinkles can be removed by hanging the scarf in the shower and letting humidity work. While the scarf is hanging a steam iron can be used carefully avoiding wetting locally.
If necessary use a cool iron setting (Silk Setting) on the back of the damp scarf - avoid too much heat.

FINISH: Neat machine hemmed

Images: Dallas and John Heaton, all rights reserved.
Created and designed in Geelong, Australia.