Ring Multisizer - UK/AU Large Ring SIzes

Ring Multisizer - UK/AU Large Ring SIzes

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From Helene. F. Campbell
Unsure of your ring size? Do you think you have larger hands??
Unable to pop in-store to Tall Trees Studio in Olinda?
Worried that the ring won't fit?

Problem solved!

These multisizers are AU/Uk size for up to size Z +9, and can be easily translated into USA or EU sizing, for comparison with our Ring Size Chart -https://www.talltreesstudio.com/ring-sizing

We also provide a more detailed guide with each Multisizer purchased and if you buy a custom made ring from Helene Campbell, then you get the purchase price* of the Multisizer as credit towards your custom ring purchase.

*Offer excludes the initial postage cost
** Packet Colour may be Black or White, there is no difference in the actual product