Hollow Form Vase w/ Bark Inclusions

Hollow Form Vase w/ Bark Inclusions

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From Michael Attwood Woodturning
I found a section of tree left on the roadside for anyone to claim as firewood. It was likely overlooked as this was the main crotch section of the tree, making it more difficult to split. This was however fortunate, as the crotch of a tree usually includes some of the most interesting grain patterns.

While it is difficult to identify the species from one FOG (found-on-ground) rough-cut section, I was fairly certain this was a Plane tree as the bark matched other examples growing in close proximity.

For this design I chose a basic form that exhibits the end grain of the tree’s three branches, while retaining bark inclusions. A blended wax finish enhanced the dynamic grain pattern, affording a semi-gloss polished surface.

Wood Species: Oriental Plane (Platanus Orientalis)

Measures: 26cm Diameter, 21cm Height, 14cm Base Diameter

Finish: Wax Blend, Polished

Time to Complete: 8 Hours