Blue Nepal Kyanite Textured Stud Pendant Drop Earrings

Blue Nepal Kyanite Textured Stud Pendant Drop Earrings

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From Helene F. Campbell
As Blue as the sky Kyanite is considered to be a "exotic gem" in the Jewellery world. As a rose cut gem these stones come into their own, and are a personal favourite of mine, as they reflect the blue sky we see over Spring or on those wonderous Winter days when the sun pops out of the cloud.

Each stone is 10 x 6.5mm "ish" as they are hand cut and are set into handmade settings of Australian Sterling Silver.

The perfect stone and setting, lightweight to wear and can easily worn with jeans, summer dress and into a more formal setting.

Stone - Kyanite form Nepal - exotic gem
Rosecut 10 x 6.5mm approx. 2.4CTS per stone

Material - Australian Sterling Silver

Earring Length - 26mm long from the stud back x 11mmmm wide Stud front fitting with a brushed matte finish.