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Natalie Oakley

Weaving is the art of interlacing warp and weft threads to create cloth and I practice the art form of SAORI weaving, which is a ‘non-technique’ of free weaving that prioritises creativity over perfection.


The moment I first sat down behind a SAORI loom, I found my happy place. This free weaving style allowed me to explore colour and texture, and to ‘break the rules’ of traditional weaving.


I also spin my own yarn to provide myself with unique yarns to weave with. The combination creates truly unique pieces for both art and wear.


I live on the edge of the Dandenong Ranges National Park, and spend most of my summers at the beach. Living in these environments provides inspiration for my weaving. Other times, ideas come from pure fantasy, or are directly inspired by the materials at hand.


I share my home with my husband, our teenage daughter, and two cats.


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